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Meet Zoë She/her/hers

I'm a Homebirth Midwife, doula and placenta encapsulator serving the Akron, Cleveland and surrounding areas. 

My approach is client centered, I return the power to the pregnant person, while 

offering evidence based, non biased, thorough care to all birthing people and their support systems.


My practice is inclusive and welcoming for all birthing people and their support systems, regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, marital status or income. Everyone is whole heartedly welcome here. 


What clients are saying...

Midwifery Client
Midwifery Clients
Midwifery Client

"Zoë has a good heart and shares her advice and knowledge in a way that you can understand. I had so many questions about home birth and I had each one answered and always felt super encouraged after my home visits with Zoë. For any mother who is still on the fence about giving birth at home, it helps to have a person like Zoë who recently gave birth at home herself, to be there to hold your hand and tell you it’s all going as planned. I recommend her to all expecting mothers."   

-Megan Z.

'Zoë was there for my prenatal appointments as well as attended my 34 week birth. She was amazing at keeping calm but knowing what to do. After, when my baby was in the nicu, Zoë came to be with me. That really meant a lot to have that support. I would recommend her! 

Calm, Collected, Knowledgeable, Inviting, Warm."

-Jennifer A.

"My birth was by far one of the most powerful and beautiful moments of my life. Thank you for being there with me and supporting me in all the human and unglamorous moments."

-Augustina D.

"I cannot say enough good things about Zoë! Not only did she attend many of my prenatal appointments, she also took the lead as the main midwife at my home-birth! I jokingly say that a simple text conversation with her kick-started my labor...her encouraging words the day before had me feeling understood and content with waiting for my baby’s perfect timing. At times I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, when I looked to Zoë, she was always there to give me a gentle reminder. Zoë attended to me in the vulnerable moments after birth. One thing I will NEVER forget is the postpartum ice-pads that she prepared for me during labor. I hope I have another birth one day that I can invite her to attend!

-Patience L.

Colleague Review
Teacher Review
Doula Client

I’ve been to several births with Zoe.

And each one of them I’m blown away by her gentle approach. 

You’re an inspiration!

-Lindsey S.

"Zoë is the real deal. I have taught hundreds of students and worked alongside dozens of care providers, and Zoë brings together all of my favorite qualities. She is compassionate and clear. Does her work to truly know her stuff. Understands boundaries and informed consent on a high level. And allows each person she works with to find their own power with unconditional support." April K.

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